A) Ex- Dairy Distributors : 

They distribute milk in their own vehicles to the customers in the specific areas allotted to them. They operate on commission basis. They have signed an agreement with Dudh Mahasangh which is to be renewed annually. This is the major distribution system and over 75% of the milk is distributed through this system.They sell milk only through pouches. They have to pay the price of milk before accepting the delivery of milk.

Total No Of Ex-Dairy Distributors - 135

 B) Shop Distribution : 

This system has been designed to ensure in built price control and as a counter check to the Ex- Dairy Distribution system. In this case, the shop identified is owned by the party and delivery of packed milk is undertaken by the Mahasangh. The party has to sell at the prescribed price only. Such shops have been purposefully located in the areas of the Ex- Dairy Distributors. This helps to ensure supply of milk at the prescribed price to the customers.

Total No Of Shop Distributors - 10

C) Supply to Bulk Customers : 

Institutional buyers like hotels, canteen, hospitals are supplied milk in loose. In this case, the institution has to pay deposit equivalent to the price of milk for 1 ½ months as advance and pay the bills on monthly basis.

Total No Of Institutional Distributors - 4

 D) Commission Agents : 

 In order to enhance the sale of milk, a new system called commission agency has been introduced. In this system, the party has to operate purely on contract basis for a specific period and specific quantity.

Total No Of Commision Agents Distributor - 81

 E) Mahanand Janseva Booth (MJB): 

 Total No Of Mahanand Janseva Booth - 23

F) Mahanand Service Centre (MSC) : 

 Total No Of Mahanand Service Centre - 15 

G) Mahanand Any Time Milk (ATM) Centre:  

Total No Of ATM Centre - 4

H) Mahanand Milk Parlour (MMP) :  

Total No Of Mahanand Milk Parlour - 1